Companies that will win the war on talent must know how to keep their own intellectual assets in-house and develop these intellectual capabilities to produce high innovation and creativity. It’s all about employee experience in this new decade. Employees that develop Self Motivated Engagement will become the new mentoring leaders companies are seeking but struggle to find and these high-performers will be leading-by-example their employees who will finally have a motivational and inspirational leader.
Avant Garde Adult Learning and Leadership * Becoming More Fulfilled Than You Can Imagine * Making Your Dreams Come True

Avant Garde Adult Learning and Leadership

A comprehensive master class styled organization-focused and action-science based digestible and customized personal employee Learning and Development system

The Way You Think is Everything

The Difference Between Good and Great Is How You Think
Trust your Gut for Success
But You’ve Also got to Believe
Positive Thinking:  Focus on Winning
Staying Cool Under Pressure Is Key to Success
Positive Thought and Overcoming Obstacles
Program yourself to be more positive
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Building A Powerful Foundation Mindset

Building Workplace Trust

Environment is a key to success
Positive Values Breed a Positive Culture.
Building Trust in the Workplace
Poll Links Workers’ Attitudes to Revenues
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Environment, Culture and Workplace

Aspiring Leadership

Think Positively and Lead by Example
Strategies in Being a Motivating Leader.
Innovation Distinguishes Leaders from Followers
Real Leaders Sacrifice for Their People – Show You Care
True Leaders Help Those performing Poorly
The Mark of Greatness: Make Other’s Dreams Come True
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Motivating and Fostering Innovation

Goal Development and Focus

Weight Loss Shines Lessons on Goals
Setting Goals Too High Can Be Dangerous
Want a Better Version of You? Learn to create and Stay Focused on Goals
How to Make Your Goals Come True Time for spring cleaning—Start with your brain
Goals Are the Framework for Career Success
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Work on Your Personal Goals and Dreams

Own your Dreams

Making Your Dreams a Reality
Change Your Thinking
Goal Setting Can Help You Soar!
CEO’s Choose “Stretch Goals” and You Can Too
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Making Your Career Goals Come True

Manage your Career

Procrastinating Stops Now!
The Trick to Business Success is Being Action-Oriented
Get Down to Business and Focusing to Win
Stop watching other people win—Your Time is Now!
Create an Action Plan that Delivers Results
Failure, viewed wisely, is life’s developmental lessons for new decisions
In the 21st Century, Failure is the new Resilience for Success
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Learn to Take Action and Build a Winning Mentality

Bulletproof Mindset

How we Limit Ourselves
To Get to the Top, Get Your Reading On
The Facts Are In:  Voracious Readers Climb to the Top
How to Understand Your True Self Worth
The Mentor-Mentee Relationship
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Don’t Limit Yourself, Become a Student of Learning for Life

Unlock your Knowledge Master

Achieving Self-Discipline in Today’s Hyper-Driven World
Believing in Yourself Counts Most
Be Truthful to Yourself and End Procrastination!
Build Your Own Support System
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Self-Discipline, Faith, and your Personal Support System

Understand Your Strengths

Resilience in Times of Disruption
Obstacles in Life Abound, Go Above and Around for Success
Think Fast – Right Now! Or Maybe Not?
Life’s series of setbacks it’s really training for success
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Resilience, Persistence, Attention to Detail

Build Mental Strength

Success and Survival in Nature Translate to Business
Learning How to Have Role Models That Matter, and Eliminate the Ones That Don’t
Learn what it means to make really good decisions and stop making bad ones
To Make the Great Decisions, Learn to Analyze Yourself First
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Making Good Decisions

Critical Thinking

A Guiding Principle for Fulfillment in Life
Learn to Recognize What Matters to You
Finding Fulfillment in Collaboration with Others
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Finding Fulfillment in Life

True Happiness – Do You Know?

How to Give Yourself More Time in Your Super Busy Daily Life
To Find True Happiness Now, Think About the End of Your Life
Solid Goal Principles to Keep You on Your Team Track
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Focus on What Matters

Dare to Show Your Creativity

Thoughts on People, Craziness and Creativity
Create an Acronym to Keep you Balanced
With Creativity, You Too Can Be an Innovator
Why You Should Believe in Yourself and Your Ideas
The Mind Mapping Method for Innovation
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Believe in Yourself and Be Brave

The Art of Communication

Use Assertive Communication to Stand Out at Work
Learn to Work with Difficult People
Making a good first impression
Learning to Speak to Your Audience Takes Practice and Effort
Learning the Art of Listening
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Developmental Listening and Thinking

Honesty and Ethics

Good Ethics Matter —and Will Pay off
Good People Finish at the Top
The Soft Skills: Just as Important, if not more important, than the Hard Skills
Honesty is the Foundation for Business Success
The Art of the Win-Win
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True Leadership People Admire
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