Companies that will win the war on talent must know how to keep their own intellectual assets in-house and develop these intellectual capabilities to produce high innovation and creativity. It’s all about employee experience in this new decade. Employees that develop Self Motivated Engagement will become the new mentoring leaders companies are seeking but struggle to find and these high-performers will be leading-by-example their employees who will finally have a motivational and inspirational leader.
Avant Garde Adult Learning and Leadership * Becoming More Fulfilled Than You Can Imagine * Making Your Dreams Come True

Avant Garde Adult Learning and Leadership

A comprehensive master class styled organization-focused and action-science based digestible and customized personal employee Learning and Development system

The Way You Think is Everything

The Difference Between Good and Great Is How You Think
Trust your Gut for Success
But You’ve Also got to Believe
Positive Thinking:  Focus on Winning
Staying Cool Under Pressure Is Key to Success
Positive Thought and Overcoming Obstacles
Program yourself to be more positive
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Building A Powerful Foundation Mindset

Building Workplace Trust

Environment is a key to success
Positive Values Breed a Positive Culture.
Building Trust in the Workplace
Poll Links Workers’ Attitudes to Revenues
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Environment, Culture and Workplace

Aspiring Leadership

Think Positively and Lead by Example
Strategies in Being a Motivating Leader.
Innovation Distinguishes Leaders from Followers
Real Leaders Sacrifice for Their People – Show You Care
True Leaders Help Those performing Poorly
The Mark of Greatness: Make Other’s Dreams Come True
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Motivating and Fostering Innovation

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